Take Five Friday: It’s Spring, I Can Stop Shaking My Fist at Winter

It’s finally spring, no more annoying “I can’t wait ’til spring!!” posts. It’s here, and it’s time to be thankful!

5. LIST FEVER! Springtime around here is a whirlwind of birthdays, festivals, hiking, bounding around outside, so I have begun making lists like the SSoLA, filling up my notebooks with random jotted notes for ideas to flesh out later.

4. BIRRRTHDAY! It will be my birthday April 7th, and although I have to work that day, I will be gallivanting (hopefully in a tutu) that weekend somewhere.

3. As you read this, I am working on a Summer Scavenger List for all my friends to take part in over the summer. I am hoping a lot of people will be a part of it; the more creative minds, the better.

2. Wearing more dresses. Spring and summer means dresses galore! Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re perfect for me because 1)I’m lazy and not having to put on pants is wonderful and 2) did i mention I love tulle?

1. Not being winter anymore. No more cold feet (which means having to put on icky socks), no more sluggish feelings, no more sitting inside all day!

photo taken by my mom

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