Take Five Friday: On Edge

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I have been balancing on the edge of nervousness and spastic for about two weeks now (is it part of easing into my new health regime?), but I’m thinking maybe if I write it all down it will be like having a friend help share the load

Five Things I’m Nervous/Anxious About

5. Conan O’Brien. It’s tonight. I have no idea why I’m so anxious; it’s not like I’m telling jokes up there with him.

4. Trying out a new health and nutrition change in diet. Since I’m not just eating cookies and pizza all the time, i have to be conscious of my snacking. It’s hard when I try and reach for a bag of chips and mindlessly nosh while watching X Files, but there’s only so many pounds until i have to buy new pants. Or get stretch-elastic waist put in – quelle horreur!

3. Juggling all this…stuff on my plate. Everyone has officially come out of their hibernations and want to hang out. With me. All the flippin time. Happy hours, birthdays, summer planning, spa days, mothers day, fathers day, BBQs, birthdays, bowling, road trips, birthdays. I get nervous and overwhelmed and instead of doing it all, I crave crawling into a closet. It’s all I can do to turn them all down to snuggle up on the couch with my never-ending book pile. But I am trying to find a balance between social butterfly and homebody; it’s rough.

2. Vacation time. The beach, Vegas, UFC, road trips in general are calling my name and it’s all I can do to bolt myself to my chair and finish filing this and that. My skin is itching to get some Vitamin D by the seashore, my brain is itching to be stimulated by bright Vegas lights and drinking on the street.

1. Job Stuff – Over the last year I have taken on a lot more duties at work which, for a time-management flunky like me, creates more stress than pride. I have things i have been putting off that are about to blow up if I don’t work on them. Time to hunker down and finish it all at once so I can breathe a sigh of relief and trudge on.

Do you have anything keeping you on edge right now?

Spring List Part Two

Thought I had forgotten my List, didn’t you? HA! I have actually been working on some of these things by serendipitous accident, actually!

First to talk about: cleaning out the closets.

my wonderful yellow shoes that had to be laid to rest at the urgings (more like threatenings) of my sister and mother.

This is extremely hard for me to do. Not only do i have a kickass t-shirt collection that has been curated for many many years, I have a penchant for the texturally aesthetic. I.e., if something feels exceptionally soft, it must be mine. Unfortunately not too many super soft thin t-shirts are acceptable business wear, so I have been fairly successful in deterring myself (“Look Jessie – sparkly nail polish!”) for financial and utilization reasons.

Since t-shirts are a BIG part of my closet, I will be using this as my starting off point. I take all the “questionable” tees out of my closet and go through them. First, the questions: Can I wear it to work? Have I worn it in recent memory? Does it have any particular memories tied to it? Does it look good on me? Do I absolutely LOVE it? If I answer yes to any of these, it goes in another pile. No’s get thrown in the outbox; no looking back. I keep my outbox until it is absolutely full, so I can have a clothes swap party with friends and family (thank goodness I have so many cousins who are almost the same size!)

Now I have a new pile: the Yes’. dun dun dun. These are all shirts I want to hang on to dearly, for some reason or another. This is where You take a look and think about why you want to keep it: Do you absolutely love this shirt? Is having it keeping you from having room for a shirt you absolutely love? What to do? only hang back up shirts you LOVE, no questions asked, and that you will wear. The other rather orphaned shirts you need to decide what to do with them. Will they become a favorite beach tote? Part of a kickass blanket? My answer: YES. Anything I can do to save my nostalgia-infused shirts I will do. The strong, less comfy shirts will become totes, while the nostalgic and thins tees will become a wonderful, personal blanket. Now the next step of my project would be getting a sewing machine because there is no way I’m sending my tees somewhere for someone else to make a quilt for $300 out of t-shirts!

Weight Loss, Swimsuit Season and All Manner of Frightening Things

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To help me be more disciplined, I have started to change my eating habits by creating a weekly meal plan. I must have something regimented like this or I will eat nothing for breakfast or lunch, then plow through several pieces of pizza and cookies for dinner. This takes the surprise factor out of eating. I don’t want to turn into a diet nazi, I just want to make some lifestyle changes for the sake of my body and my emotions. I hate not being able to fit into jeans I have owned forever; it makes the self-conscious teen resurface that I had thought my confidence had beaten out.

Then I looked to a couple of my favorite motivating blogs to find some nutritious tips and BAM! Jackpot!

Also, thanks to msn health (one of my favorite websites for ideas) I learned these tidbits:

  • nuts are diet bombs: they fill you up with good fats, and keep you from snacking on dangerously junkie stuff! Note to Self: Eat more almonds!
  • avocado overload! Also loaded with “good” fats, they are so gooood! Bonus: you use avocado (or hummus!) as a spread on your sandwiches instead of mayo!!
  • Berries berries berries! Blueberries are the best, but sometimes nothing beats a raspberry smoothie for me.
  • Oatmeal. Since whole oats prevent the inevitable crash associated with most carbs, this is perfect for workdays to keep me out of the woods of the “3 p.m. accidental” nap at my desk.
  • Beans beans the magical fruit. Etc, etc. But they really are magical. They provide so many vital nutrients that it may be time for me to start eating them again. I stopped because that was the beauty of not living at home: not eating stuff that made me gag. Maybe it will be different now that I’m being forced only by myself?
  • DARK Chocolate. This is something that proves the universe is NOT conspiring against me. Although cheese and pizza is my big scary hurdle to moderate with this plan, chocolate is my comfort. Of course this too needs to be only in moderation, but it’s a lot easier to eat and enjoy and not feel guilty about having a lindt truffle than eating 3 slices of pizza.
  • Baked chips. I love a little chip in my sandwich, so giving them up cold turkey would feel like I’m depriving myself and I’d want to rebel. Cut to me scarfing a whole bag of Cheetos and crying.  Well, The Beau brought home all the different flavors of Baked chips and I must say: thumbs up, Lays. They are not healthy by any stretch, but they are MUCH healthier than the originals. And by eating something more healthy and filling as a main course, the less chips I eat anyhow. They are a little pricier, but that just makes me want to stretch them and eat less.

So, this is my plan. I have lost 1 pound since starting last week. While my weight fluctuates + – 2 pounds, I am hoping this one is the beginning of a decreasing trend.


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Was at a beautiful little cottage in the country, enjoying oh, I don’t know, the wonderfulness of simple living, when a stranger in a suit (of course that means trouble) comes up to me to ask me something, and notices my dirty nails.

(real-life aside: my nails get really dirty. I don’t regularly dig in the ground, so I have no idea how they get so filthy by filing papers and typing on the computer. end aside)

He comments on them and asks if I ever wondered why my nails got so mysteriously dirty. But, before I could say anything else, he grabbed my hand to look at it more closely and I instantly knew what he was insinuating. I was a demon. I could never be fully clean.

Take Five Friday: Earth Day Isn’t Just One Day

This week’s Take Five is going to be the Five Simple “Green” Things You Can Do, Thereby Relieving Your Environmental Guilt:

5. Donations are always easy and always helpful. I like to look at donations like this: even if it’s $5, it’s 5 more dollars they had. Why would they not accept it, right?

4. Wash your clothes in cold water. Unless you have very young children in the house and need hot water, washing your clothes in cold water saves 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and if you are able to dry them outside (an advantage of living in a hot dry climate), you can save even more. You can use the special detergents “made” for cold water, but I have been using the usual and washing my clothes like this for a few years and have been perfectly fine.

3. Write with poo. Sorry, I had to use this shocking intro to show how cool this product is. Elephant Poo stationery! I will definitely be sending some to my little cousins because they, like me, enjoy a good poop joke.

2. Plant a tree. Wait, I said this would be an easy list, yes? How about plant anything. Or buy a plant for someone else to plant. Giving your mom a mini rosebush is an amazing way to make your mom’s day, and you don’t have to plant anything but are still helping. You win twice, brother.

1. Go plastic bagless. I know it sounds like an awful chore, but I know you, like me, have a ridiculous amount of plastic bags flying around your house you feel shamed to throw in your pantry. Getting ones from your favorite stores (World Market’s are gorgeous!), buying one online (baggu is my top pick) or even making one (grocery shop with your old comfy tee!)

For more resources on EASY ways to help the environment, try:

Water, Use It Wisely

Save water by using this on/off shower piece

Sorry for all the water resources, I live in the desert!

An Argument for Happy Work

can’t remember where I found this.

So, as a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here are my findings of a day off the computer:

1. I do work a little better when I force myself off the computer (imagine my surprise.), but then I find other distractions. Sundays when i should be doing home chores like laundry, all I want to do is GoogleRead. On days I have all the computer time in the world, I start to scrub walls. Whatever, motivation center of the brain.

2. Continually flipping records to play certain songs gets tiring when you get really into working on something.

3. Something always happens to disrupt my process. It’s usually lunch with friends or family. Which I celebrate, but when I get back, the last thing I want to do is clean up my morning mess.

4. I really do love letter-writing, I just have to have a pile of letters to write to get in the groove. But it is so much fun to pack envelopes full of fun stuff!

5. I need to stop making the computer an excuse and set my legs aflame to get stuff done!