Bisky Rizness: In Other Words – Mischief

Hope you all enjoy this day of mischief responsibly. Being a fool 365 days a year, this day is not unlike any other, so I will continue my ridiculous escapades per usual. Here are some of my personal favorites to put you in the spirit:

  • When picking up a friend to join you in the festivities, use their bathroom before you leave. Using your finger, trace “Good grief, put something on!” or something along those lines on the bathroom mirror or shower door. When someone takes a shower, the words will magically appear.
  • Bath bomb or dry ice (my dad’s personal favorite) in swimming pool
  • Puttin drinks on another’s bar tab. Tricky in execution, genius if they are mean, and there’s always an out of doing it just “so they would talk to you”
  • Mustaches on mirrored surfaces (preferably in public)
  • Flasks (always filled to the brim with mischief)
  • Swings in unlikely spaces (subways, etc)
  • Take some old xmas ornaments and decorate one tree at random. Do it near, so you can see it when you drive to and from work, school, or home
  • Use watercolors to paint your (or a friends’) car. Best part is, when you want to change it, you can just spray the hose on it!
  • Magnetic bumper stickers. For those who haven’t got that “YES WE CAN” sticker on their pickup yet.
  • slip n slides, ice blocking and other grassy knoll adventures

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