Recipe for a Perfect Day

I like to think of perfect day recipes as a starting point for inexhaustible ideas for a bunch of mini-ideal days. Perfect days have no time limits, store hours, money problems and all that other real world stuff that makes a perfect day daunting if you think of it responsibly. But I have never been one to think of responsibility as a roadblock. So, here are some elements that would spice up my recipe for a perfect day.

the girls, springing into “adventure day” action

Awake with the smell of coffee brewing , opening a stack of letters and postcards, making pink-colored strawberry pancakes then enjoying them in bed while watching a guilty pleasure movie (like Dirty Love or Be Kind Rewind), picnic lunch at the LOVE statue complete with gelato, photobooth shenanigans and candy shop fun at smeeks, sunset in a bat watching area, skipping stones on the lake at night and dinner with tons of family, family and friends that lasts for hours.

While all these things might not happen in one day ( I would be too exhausted to skip stones if I drove around this much in one day!), this certainly has my brain flowing for tons of different nights of fun and fancy-free adventures!

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