Take Five Friday: Jess is Having the Best Week Ever

My birthday week (or month, if I can swing it) is always jam-packed with fun and adventure, and lots of sweets! These are some random excerpts from my adventures:

5. Ring Pop as a breakfast substitute while on the road. There is actually a time when it’s too early for lollies. It’s 8:30 a.m. But it has been preserved to be enjoyed at a later date.

4. Thrifting. As if going on my own isn’t fun enough, going with my family is even more! My grandma found and bought me this lamp for my birthday. She rocks.

3. Getting away for the day. Driving up to Prescott, even just for the day, is always fun. Cooler weather, tons of flowers, and beautiful, calendar-worthy snapshots.

2. My little baby spinach seeds have begun to grow. Hopefully they can survive long enough to make a home-grown salad!

1. The best thing this week was finding this giant valentines’ day card my grandpa (nickname Rocky, RIP) wrote to my grandma in 1977. The part that really got me was that he told he that not only did he love her, but he respected her. *gulp* jeez.

What has really got you jazzed/thankful/giddy this week?

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