An Outift Made For a King

My friend Alex always comments on how cute my Album and Outfit posts are, so I thought I’d dig in my brain a little and make a set just for him. He’s a video game nerd with a penchant for Japanese food and…well, the ridiculous. So that made the ideas pretty easy.

In doing this I learned that guys are so much more limited to fancy up their outfits (“what do you mean you can’t wear a ribbon in your hair?”), so it was an even bigger challenge and so much fun!

I love that shirt but I loathe those guys eyebrows.

Galaxian outfit, perfect for a day in the park to get some Vitamin D into your system after a week of staying inside with the curtains drawn.

I cheated on this one, but that Berzerk shirt is too cool!

Berzerk, for Casual Day. Please note when it comes to t-shirts, walk the line. DO NOT wear them so baggy you could use it as a sail if it gets windy, and NOT too tight you can see the outline of your chest hair. That cannot be unseen.

I know this one has two neck accessories, and I don’t care dammit!

Asteroids, for when you need to dress it up a step, but you can still wear awesome silver shoes.

Finally, no list would be complete without a little Choose Your Own Adventure action:

Not pictured: holster belt for your ray gun.

Space Patrol, for the day when you need a bowtie to sharpen up your outfit. Red pants are always awesome, as long as you use the same styling advice as plain t-shirts: not clown pants big, not zucchini smuggling tight.

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