Take Five Friday: Earth Day Isn’t Just One Day

This week’s Take Five is going to be the Five Simple “Green” Things You Can Do, Thereby Relieving Your Environmental Guilt:

5. Donations are always easy and always helpful. I like to look at donations like this: even if it’s $5, it’s 5 more dollars they had. Why would they not accept it, right?

4. Wash your clothes in cold water. Unless you have very young children in the house and need hot water, washing your clothes in cold water saves 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and if you are able to dry them outside (an advantage of living in a hot dry climate), you can save even more. You can use the special detergents “made” for cold water, but I have been using the usual and washing my clothes like this for a few years and have been perfectly fine.

3. Write with poo. Sorry, I had to use this shocking intro to show how cool this product is. Elephant Poo stationery! I will definitely be sending some to my little cousins because they, like me, enjoy a good poop joke.

2. Plant a tree. Wait, I said this would be an easy list, yes? How about plant anything. Or buy a plant for someone else to plant. Giving your mom a mini rosebush is an amazing way to make your mom’s day, and you don’t have to plant anything but are still helping. You win twice, brother.

1. Go plastic bagless. I know it sounds like an awful chore, but I know you, like me, have a ridiculous amount of plastic bags flying around your house you feel shamed to throw in your pantry. Getting ones from your favorite stores (World Market’s are gorgeous!), buying one online (baggu is my top pick) or even making one (grocery shop with your old comfy tee!)

For more resources on EASY ways to help the environment, try:

Water, Use It Wisely

Save water by using this on/off shower piece

Sorry for all the water resources, I live in the desert!

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