Spring List Part Two

Thought I had forgotten my List, didn’t you? HA! I have actually been working on some of these things by serendipitous accident, actually!

First to talk about: cleaning out the closets.

my wonderful yellow shoes that had to be laid to rest at the urgings (more like threatenings) of my sister and mother.

This is extremely hard for me to do. Not only do i have a kickass t-shirt collection that has been curated for many many years, I have a penchant for the texturally aesthetic. I.e., if something feels exceptionally soft, it must be mine. Unfortunately not too many super soft thin t-shirts are acceptable business wear, so I have been fairly successful in deterring myself (“Look Jessie – sparkly nail polish!”) for financial and utilization reasons.

Since t-shirts are a BIG part of my closet, I will be using this as my starting off point. I take all the “questionable” tees out of my closet and go through them. First, the questions: Can I wear it to work? Have I worn it in recent memory? Does it have any particular memories tied to it? Does it look good on me? Do I absolutely LOVE it? If I answer yes to any of these, it goes in another pile. No’s get thrown in the outbox; no looking back. I keep my outbox until it is absolutely full, so I can have a clothes swap party with friends and family (thank goodness I have so many cousins who are almost the same size!)

Now I have a new pile: the Yes’. dun dun dun. These are all shirts I want to hang on to dearly, for some reason or another. This is where You take a look and think about why you want to keep it: Do you absolutely love this shirt? Is having it keeping you from having room for a shirt you absolutely love? What to do? only hang back up shirts you LOVE, no questions asked, and that you will wear. The other rather orphaned shirts you need to decide what to do with them. Will they become a favorite beach tote? Part of a kickass blanket? My answer: YES. Anything I can do to save my nostalgia-infused shirts I will do. The strong, less comfy shirts will become totes, while the nostalgic and thins tees will become a wonderful, personal blanket. Now the next step of my project would be getting a sewing machine because there is no way I’m sending my tees somewhere for someone else to make a quilt for $300 out of t-shirts!

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