Take Five Friday: On Edge

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I have been balancing on the edge of nervousness and spastic for about two weeks now (is it part of easing into my new health regime?), but I’m thinking maybe if I write it all down it will be like having a friend help share the load

Five Things I’m Nervous/Anxious About

5. Conan O’Brien. It’s tonight. I have no idea why I’m so anxious; it’s not like I’m telling jokes up there with him.

4. Trying out a new health and nutrition change in diet. Since I’m not just eating cookies and pizza all the time, i have to be conscious of my snacking. It’s hard when I try and reach for a bag of chips and mindlessly nosh while watching X Files, but there’s only so many pounds until i have to buy new pants. Or get stretch-elastic waist put in – quelle horreur!

3. Juggling all this…stuff on my plate. Everyone has officially come out of their hibernations and want to hang out. With me. All the flippin time. Happy hours, birthdays, summer planning, spa days, mothers day, fathers day, BBQs, birthdays, bowling, road trips, birthdays. I get nervous and overwhelmed and instead of doing it all, I crave crawling into a closet. It’s all I can do to turn them all down to snuggle up on the couch with my never-ending book pile. But I am trying to find a balance between social butterfly and homebody; it’s rough.

2. Vacation time. The beach, Vegas, UFC, road trips in general are calling my name and it’s all I can do to bolt myself to my chair and finish filing this and that. My skin is itching to get some Vitamin D by the seashore, my brain is itching to be stimulated by bright Vegas lights and drinking on the street.

1. Job Stuff – Over the last year I have taken on a lot more duties at work which, for a time-management flunky like me, creates more stress than pride. I have things i have been putting off that are about to blow up if I don’t work on them. Time to hunker down and finish it all at once so I can breathe a sigh of relief and trudge on.

Do you have anything keeping you on edge right now?

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