On the Go Kit: First Aid

Being outside and being active during the summer leaves you open to a lot more scrapes and scratches, which is why I like to make a little first aid kit for summer. It includes super fun stuff. What? You want me to paint you a picture? Fine:

product info here

Picture painted. You can fit all this stuff (with a little creative thinking) into an Altoids tin to stuff in your purse/beach tote/ bag o’ summer tricks. I love these bandages because it’s like a permanent “kiss to make it all better.” You could be an adult and still need a kiss on a scrape. C’mon people. Most of the stuff is pretty self-explanatory: tweezers=splinters, dramamine=no carsickness. But people might be confused with the duct tape and booze. Granted you aren’t using this kit on kids, a little shot of booze is helpful in many a painful situation. As long as you’re not driving, or operating heavy machinery, take a sifter after a particularly brutal papercut. (- Editor’s note – I was joking people, sheesh!)

On to the duct tape. It’s common knowledge around our house that duct tape is awesome (ask The Beau about his homemade Xbox wind tunnel fan), and I recently dug up another use i totally forgot about: blister prevention. I was so excited I started punching the air. If you find yourself in some pretty shoes, but you feel “the pinch” coming on, slap some duct tape on your heel and you’re good to go. It stays in place better than a bandage!

Anyway, do you have any first aid tips or tricks? 

UFC 114: Sugar-Coated Rampage

He he. That title means I think I’m a clever smartass. But this picture? This picture PROVES it.

Helwani always gets the cool (and in this case dangerous) interviews. He got the Predator to talk about his invisible cloak strategies.

This one will be quick, because I was a little ashamed at how little I guessed incorrectly last time. I don’t want to put as much thought into it, but I still like guessing for fun.

Rampage Jackson vs. Suga Rashad Evans

As much as I love Ra-shawd and his impersonations, I have a feeling Rampage might take home the cake in this fight. Although, with the weight of a movie coming out, he might choke under pressure. Either way, he’s driving the A-Team van around the Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday.

Michael “The Count” Bisping vs. Dan Miller

Bisping needs to prove his jaw is no liability.

Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

This one could be interesting because Duffee himself said it could be a “very long, sloppy fight.”

Little Nog vs. Jason “Hitman” Britz

Go Nog! That is all.

Diego Sanchez vs. John “Hitman” Hathaway

I think Sanchez, despite being smaller, might have a bit more muscle on him, and that might help his game. We’ll see.

(-Editor’s Note: Seriously-there’s two guys on one card nicknamed ‘Hitman?’ They need to read this and come up with something better. They need to retire nicknames like athletic jerseys. So long “Pitbull,” “Hitman” and any sort of assassin.)

Amir Sadollah vs. “Stun Gun” Kim

As much as I admire Sadollah’s impressive skills, I love Stun Gun not just for his clever nickname, but his heart and his skeeeells.

Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon

As much as I love Lauzon’s mom, I really have to root for my hometown guy this time. Which I don’t usually do, but we’ll see how this one pans out. Don’t burn me on Tempe, effy.

The undercard fight I hope they televise:

Melvin Guillard vs. Waylon Lowe

I heart Guillard. I love pronouncing his name, I love that he fights out of my favorite MMA training facility. I don’t like his bleached hair (BLARRRRRG), but I might let it pass if he wows me.

Take Five Friday: 100 Degrees and Feelin Fine

photo credit I think I’ve used this picture before, but I love the idea of drinking in kiddie pools so much.

Well it has finally hit that spot of the year. For some amazing reason, here in the Phoenix area we have managed to have an extreeeeemely mild spring – an actual spring of several months! But as June looms, the temperature has finally broken the 100-degree seal.
With that in mind my Take Five will be Five Things I Stock Up On For Summer, polyvore style.

5. Health and Beauty Gear:


I hate foundation with a passion (everything feels like theatrical cake makeup), which is why I love getting a little summer sun and using tinted moisturizer. Even a little lotion with sunless tanner built-in. No burn! Very easy breezy summer makeup: a little mascara (or falsies), a little lip tint or stain, and you’re ready to glow. Did you see what I did there? No, YOU’RE lame.

4. Summer Clothes (or lack thereof)

I really love that popsicle shirt. But ladies can’t live in t-shirts alone. That’s why the sundress was created. and the two shoes i will be adding to my rather small collection this summer? Slip-on all black Vans and some super-cute wedges. Those Vans will be a life saver when I need to look like I’m wearing legit shoes at work. And seriously, I put that BORT shirt in another post, and I’m putting it back here because really, whose name is BORT?

3. Accessories

Ahh, the wind in my scarf-laden hair and the smell of citrus OFF! on my arms: summer has landed. I am all about doing my hair as little as possible so it thrills me to report that hair accessories are “in,” not that it mattered to me, style-wise. But when something I like becomes in fashion, there is a huge variety. So I grab all the headdresses, bows and turbans I can before they go “out.” I win.

2. Ideas for Things To Do

Go to Disneyland, go camping, go star-gazing. Make a mixtape (or cd) for your closest friends. Write a zine about anything you want. Rediscover the lost art of letter-writing. Challenge your friends to an ice-blocking race. I will be reading some good books: The Tao of Pooh, The Bedwetter, Sloane Crosley’s newest, and, maybe if I’m lucky, a Choose Your Own Adventure Book or two.

1. Food and Drink

 This was my favorite set to make. How do I know that? Because I was licking my lips like a cartoon wolf while doing it.

Ahh, summer food. Crunchy Panini, mouth-watering BLTs, key lime cupcakes. BBQ grilled everything, mountains of fresh fruit, ice cream and popsicles as far as the eye can see. But the best? The drinks. Mai Tais, Amaretto Sours, all sorts of rum-infused beverages-all good. But my favorite summer drink is a Whiskey Sour. It’s easy to make, heavenly to drink and let’s face it, whiskey is tasty any time of year.

What are your five favorite things about summer?

For all product information, visit my polyvore page.

My Heartfelt Letter to My Morning Coffee

photo of my sis. But that was my coffee cup.

Dearest Morning Coffee,

      I just wanted to write you a sincere thank you for not only keeping me energized enough to function and not be grumpy, but for helping me feel like a grown up in work situations. I can come into a meeting with my mug and people know I am going to drink my coffee and look thoughtful. BAM.

     I am a very forgetful person. Ask anyone who’s known me for more than a day. I have forgotten my schoolwork, house keys, cameras, wallets, people, food…I could go on and on; but that’s not the point of this post. I have forgotten many things, but one thing I have never forgotten is my coffee on top of my car. People who do that, I question why they bother to buy things at all. They obviously don’t love life, or sunshine, or baby giggles. I WOULD NEVER FORGET MY COFFEE ON THE ROOF.

    Your Indebted Editor,


Take Five Friday: Amoré

I am in Love with Dashiell Hammett even more after reading Red Harvest.

This week’s I will be taking five minutes to list my “Things I am in LOVE with right now.”

This is old, but every time I see it, it helps get me back to thinking on the positive.

I have been wanting to make my first international trip for a while, and I think New Zealand is the winner. It won’t happen for a while, but it’s good to start dreaming.

I love this post about finding fun everywhere but in buying things on Rowdy Kittens.

Always on the lookout for new, inexpensive, non-harmful plastic (or otherwise) water bottles, I found a few that I really enjoy. Even a cool French Army canteen!

I adore these shirts by Out of Print. I wish there were boatloads more!

These little teabag cookies are darling and every twee girl’s dream.

I am totally making one of these and wearing it when I have nighttime adventures, or astronomy walks!

Finding a new word: “magnasplendent” here and sprinkling my over-used exclamations with it. Planning a trip to the beach, making care packages and collages, The Beau buying me the new Dead Weather album(!), Mercury retrograde being over (finally!), and dreaming about a netbook-i cannot WAIT to get one!

Oh, and don’t forget the KSK Mailbag! The comments are gems, too.