Take Five Friday: Link Day

Me and Philip’s best (only) glasses. See explanation below.

In the spirit of Gala Darling’s Carousel, CagePotato’s Link Dump, FilmDrunk’s Friday Free for All and Warming Glow’s Weekend Preview, today I will be Taking Five to appreciate the instantaneous joy that is internet linkage.

  • This post is really old (in Internet time), but I love it. As The Beau said, “to me, this is the new face of homosexuality.”
  • Not only does this ad make me want to travel, it makes me want to cut out this ad and hand it to the boarding lady.
  • Oh hey, something current, Jess! Nice Job! Shut up, sassy readers, or I won’t tell you about how drinking Gila monster tears is the best thing ever.
  • If Phillip Marlowe and I had a crumbling motel room together, this would be the only nice thing we would own.
  • Betty White’s going to be on SNL tomorrow. Very cool. Here she is playing beer pong with Jimmy Fallon.
  • But the most exciting thing I will be watching this weekend will be UFC 113. Shogun-Machida re-match, and Semtex and his swinging-for-the-fences hands. Hoo-rah!
  • I am slooooowly going through Dragos Rua’s 100 Ways to Live a Better Life. I’m not going linear, so right now I’m working with #38.
  • A big fan of embarrassingly awesome memoirs (I’m on the library waiting list for The Bedwetter, of course!), I really enjoy reading Hyperbole and a Half. Even this interview entertains me!
  • I’m also a big fan of “what liking ____ says about you” lists. I particularly like this one because I love Kurt Vonnegut, agree with the Cormac McCarthy, and severely dislike Lauren Wesiberger.
  • Grilled Cheese Academy. Since my friends know about my love of grilled cheese, HH sent me this link and I got so embroiled with all these ideas that The Beau and I created Toasted Cheese Tuesday, in which we will make a new one of these each week. First on the list was The Marco. I am so excited to try the Sgt. Pepper.
  • Here is my post from last year about Mother’s Day Ideas. I would like add a couple new ideas and a mom to that list.

What are some links that are blowing your mind this week?

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