A New (to me) Favorite Band: Muse

Thanks to The Beau, and Rock Band 2, I found a awe-inspiring band, Muse. I know I found this bandwagon waaaay late -their first album was released in 1999- but give me a break; in ’99 I was listening to *checks* Lauryn Hill, Goo Goo Dolls (WHY JESSICA?!) and Len (which I still have on my ipod). I also missed their amazing showing on “Live at Abbey Road,” but in fairness to me, I didn’t have those fancy-pants HD channels. Anyway, the focus is that I have them on my radar now, and I love them, and their video for “Hysteria.” Which, on another note, The Beau said this about the song: “Even the first chords get you so amped you feel like you can charge full speed through brick wall, just to rock.”

Another reason I love Justin Theroux:

The intensity of his scream at 3:19 frightens me with how real it feels.

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