My Heartfelt Letter to My Morning Coffee

photo of my sis. But that was my coffee cup.

Dearest Morning Coffee,

      I just wanted to write you a sincere thank you for not only keeping me energized enough to function and not be grumpy, but for helping me feel like a grown up in work situations. I can come into a meeting with my mug and people know I am going to drink my coffee and look thoughtful. BAM.

     I am a very forgetful person. Ask anyone who’s known me for more than a day. I have forgotten my schoolwork, house keys, cameras, wallets, people, food…I could go on and on; but that’s not the point of this post. I have forgotten many things, but one thing I have never forgotten is my coffee on top of my car. People who do that, I question why they bother to buy things at all. They obviously don’t love life, or sunshine, or baby giggles. I WOULD NEVER FORGET MY COFFEE ON THE ROOF.

    Your Indebted Editor,


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