Take Five Friday: 100 Degrees and Feelin Fine

photo credit I think I’ve used this picture before, but I love the idea of drinking in kiddie pools so much.

Well it has finally hit that spot of the year. For some amazing reason, here in the Phoenix area we have managed to have an extreeeeemely mild spring – an actual spring of several months! But as June looms, the temperature has finally broken the 100-degree seal.
With that in mind my Take Five will be Five Things I Stock Up On For Summer, polyvore style.

5. Health and Beauty Gear:


I hate foundation with a passion (everything feels like theatrical cake makeup), which is why I love getting a little summer sun and using tinted moisturizer. Even a little lotion with sunless tanner built-in. No burn! Very easy breezy summer makeup: a little mascara (or falsies), a little lip tint or stain, and you’re ready to glow. Did you see what I did there? No, YOU’RE lame.

4. Summer Clothes (or lack thereof)

I really love that popsicle shirt. But ladies can’t live in t-shirts alone. That’s why the sundress was created. and the two shoes i will be adding to my rather small collection this summer? Slip-on all black Vans and some super-cute wedges. Those Vans will be a life saver when I need to look like I’m wearing legit shoes at work. And seriously, I put that BORT shirt in another post, and I’m putting it back here because really, whose name is BORT?

3. Accessories

Ahh, the wind in my scarf-laden hair and the smell of citrus OFF! on my arms: summer has landed. I am all about doing my hair as little as possible so it thrills me to report that hair accessories are “in,” not that it mattered to me, style-wise. But when something I like becomes in fashion, there is a huge variety. So I grab all the headdresses, bows and turbans I can before they go “out.” I win.

2. Ideas for Things To Do

Go to Disneyland, go camping, go star-gazing. Make a mixtape (or cd) for your closest friends. Write a zine about anything you want. Rediscover the lost art of letter-writing. Challenge your friends to an ice-blocking race. I will be reading some good books: The Tao of Pooh, The Bedwetter, Sloane Crosley’s newest, and, maybe if I’m lucky, a Choose Your Own Adventure Book or two.

1. Food and Drink

 This was my favorite set to make. How do I know that? Because I was licking my lips like a cartoon wolf while doing it.

Ahh, summer food. Crunchy Panini, mouth-watering BLTs, key lime cupcakes. BBQ grilled everything, mountains of fresh fruit, ice cream and popsicles as far as the eye can see. But the best? The drinks. Mai Tais, Amaretto Sours, all sorts of rum-infused beverages-all good. But my favorite summer drink is a Whiskey Sour. It’s easy to make, heavenly to drink and let’s face it, whiskey is tasty any time of year.

What are your five favorite things about summer?

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