On the Go Kit: First Aid

Being outside and being active during the summer leaves you open to a lot more scrapes and scratches, which is why I like to make a little first aid kit for summer. It includes super fun stuff. What? You want me to paint you a picture? Fine:

product info here

Picture painted. You can fit all this stuff (with a little creative thinking) into an Altoids tin to stuff in your purse/beach tote/ bag o’ summer tricks. I love these bandages because it’s like a permanent “kiss to make it all better.” You could be an adult and still need a kiss on a scrape. C’mon people. Most of the stuff is pretty self-explanatory: tweezers=splinters, dramamine=no carsickness. But people might be confused with the duct tape and booze. Granted you aren’t using this kit on kids, a little shot of booze is helpful in many a painful situation. As long as you’re not driving, or operating heavy machinery, take a sifter after a particularly brutal papercut. (- Editor’s note – I was joking people, sheesh!)

On to the duct tape. It’s common knowledge around our house that duct tape is awesome (ask The Beau about his homemade Xbox wind tunnel fan), and I recently dug up another use i totally forgot about: blister prevention. I was so excited I started punching the air. If you find yourself in some pretty shoes, but you feel “the pinch” coming on, slap some duct tape on your heel and you’re good to go. It stays in place better than a bandage!

Anyway, do you have any first aid tips or tricks? 

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