Take Five Friday: The Summering

The things I Take Five minutes for this week don’t have everything to do with summer, but I liked the title enough to keep it.

1. Swimming – We have a pool in our townhome community, which is quelle awesome. It’s a good workout (if you do continuous, vigorous laps like The Beau), it’s fun (if you have goggles on and act like you’re floating in space) and you get to go shopping for a cute suit! But really, the best thing is bringing pool toys and racing The Beau to grab them before he does. because I’m an Aries, and I have to make everything – even pool fun – competitive.

2. “Semi-Silence Except Sabbath” – Next week I am going to be on a self-imposed week of mostly silence. In the car, at work, gym, on the computer, etc will be silent. Except for the Black Sabbath listening education I will be receiving from The Beau. I am excited and nervous about a week of me with my own thoughts.

3. My Brother – Wednesday was his birthday, and I am always grateful for him. I wish I could spend more time with him, cuz he has the same random sense of humor i do. Times a hundred.

4. Audiobooks with author tracks – Both Tracy Morgan and Sarah Silverman did audio tracks for their own books. That is both awesome and thrilling. That is what I will be listening to after the silence week is broken.

5. A little bit of everything – Confetti by the pound, baking the perfect sugar cookie, finding a great diet plan (i guess the ‘great’ is subjective), french toast kebabs, painters finally starting to work on our place, making a list of summer things to do for a cousin with kids, planning summer bbq photo shoots, and lastly – my sister becoming an AVON lady and me imagining her like the mom in Edward Scissorhands.

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