The Week of Silence

photo by Tommaso

I decided to learn a little more about silence this coming week. As I mentioned Friday, I will be taking a break from most music (except for Black Sabbath) and places where I would normally have music (car, gym, work)

The seed was planted in my brain by, of all random places, this post on Ninja Motorhome. The sentence about how the silence has overwhelmed him really struck me. I realized it had started to overwhelm me too, rather than fill me with peace and calm. After reading this post on Zen Habits, it sealed it. Whatever Tesla is a proponent of, count me in (well, maybe not the death ray.)

So this week I will be trying to keep silent and not turn the tv on for background noise, not turn music on while showering, no headphones at the gym.

We shall see how it goes.

5 thoughts on “The Week of Silence

  1. I think this is such a cool idea. I always have background music or movies going: at home, in the car, even when I go on walks I have headphones in. I might have to try this!

    1. It’s definitely a good experiment. It got really hard when my new mp3 player came in the mail. I got to listen to it for one day before I started! But, absence makes the heart grow fonder! 🙂

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