You Know You’re Jess When…

1. Every time you open the closet you scan your mind to judge if today is the day you will wear your Oscar the Grouch dress in public. Nope, not quite eccentric enough yet. Maybe when my hair goes white and I can dye it cotton candy pink.

2. Every single day you can find an excuse for some sort of party. “It’s Thursday? Sweet – I dub thee ‘Madeleine Pool Party Day.’ ”

3.  Doing laundry is an excuse to think up better fort-building techniques.

4. You feel stupid for writing this blog and being unrelentingly optimistic in general, then you get a tweet from a random stranger, and are revived with a fresh sense of optimism.

5. You love sending random care packages to people; but get frustrated they don’t tell you they have received them.

6. You would rather mix cookies with your hand and pretend you’re Lionel Poilâne than use a fancy $300 mixer. Seriously, that video makes me mega-happy.

7. You have surprised yourself by how much you like soccer and MMA yet aren’t a huge fan of American football and baseball. Just a strange little sports quirk.

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