Manicures and New Friends

Things have been a bit crazy this last week, what with two-year anniversaries, The Beau’s sister getting married and hanging out with father after father after father (no really, my three dads!) – so I didn’t get to do my write-up on a new nail place I visited last week. I cannot even remember the last time I went to a professional salon to get a manicure. Being the twisted perfectionist that I am, it really bothers me when people do a crap job on my nails. The way I make sure I’m not unhappy with the work is that I do them myself. So, because I’d rather be using my nails to dig in the dirt, I can’t remember the last time someone else touched my nails.

And then came Ronda. I wasn’t planning on getting my nails done last week; I just went along with my sister. But then her nails came out AWESOME and I couldn’t help but make an appointment on the spot.

My sister’s nails.

So I came back in a couple of days and bam! Perfection. She was meticulous without being annoyingly so. She was intricate and creative. She painted them just how I asked (Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City Green) and they were perfect! I say ‘were’ because, I am, decidedly ungraceful. Not an hour after I left, I just had to pull something and smudge a finger. The rest is all perfect and beautiful, but I left the smudge as a reminder for next time: don’t touch SH*T!

I will definitely be back to Halo for as many spa treatments and pedicures as I can budget!


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