Take Five Friday: Truly Thankful

I decided not to post a Take Five last week because of many reasons, chiefly the only thing I was truly thankful for was The Beau and World Cup. Thanks to some luck and always wonderful change, this week has brought me to the doorstep of gratefulness again. So today I am taking five minutes to be thankful for:

Work. The kind of work I am happy to go to in the morning. The kind where I help visitors from around the world (last week it was South Africa, Scotland and England), and be full of ideas. I finally got something off my plate that was filling me with anguish.

Fourth of July. Even if I don’t get to make it up to party with the family in Prescott (though I’m REALLY pulling toward it, boss, if you’re reading this), I get to hang out with The Beau, sparklers, and some popsicles. Heaven on a stick!

The Bedwetter. Just finished reading this last night and I have to say, I still love Sarah Silverman. I would even recommend it to people who could take her or leave her. She’s a pretty funny comedian.

Grizza – homemade pizza on the grill. Can’t comprehend why I would be thankful about this? A picture:


Bike rides. The Beau and I started to ride our bikes right at sunset and even though we began at the hottest time of the year, I love it! We live near the downtown of our city, so there are lots of super cool buildings to admire. Plus, the neighborhoods are interesting to say the least. Even if we bike the same way, it’s never the same ride twice!

World Cup. My sister-in-law was puzzled why I could be so into “soccer.” I asked her if she would be feverish about the Cardinals (her favorite American football team) if they only played every 4 years, and battled for BEST IN THE WORLD. Yeah, she finally saw my point.

Friends Birthdays. Ok, really just one friend. We have started to plan an awesome BFFF road trip. Complete with picnic on the beach and a surprise breakfast that will make her go crazy, this will be a fun whirlwind 48 hours in August!

The tides have turned, the wind has blown on, and I am a new person!

What are you thankful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: Truly Thankful

  1. I am totally buying a bicycle this month! I live right next to a paved trail that runs along a river, and it’s perfect for bike rides! I haven’t had a bike since I was 12, so I’m going to go used, I think. 🙂

    I am thankful for:

    summer thunderstorms
    my AWESOME co-workers
    summer classes starting tomorrow
    my public library system
    re-discovering Brendan Perry and Dead Can Dance 🙂

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