27 Before 27

My glass is always half full.

So, with my love of lists and extreme optimism on my part, I have started thinking about things I have wanted to do. I decided that some of these things would never be done if I didn’t have a deadline, so i decided to make a list of things I have want to do before I turn 27. I have started a little late, considering I only have about 9 months left of being 26, but I am a sucker for procrastinating and working well under pressure. Without further ado, the LIST:

1. Another tattoo, or a beautiful touch-up of my existing ones

2. Get down to ideal weight (including some killer muscles!)

3. Make a vlog

4. Start a photo-folio

5. Begin writing my screenplay

6. Help out at a women’s shelter

7. Successfully grow a garden

8. Sew my own dress

9. Babysit

10. Take pictures in photobooths with all my closest friends (though maybe not all at once)

11. Do something for my mom she has been putting off doing herself

12. Having a significant amount of clutter released from my house and into the wild

13. Stay in an historic hotel

14. Have a girls night out

15. Road trip!

16. Have written a short story everyday for at least 3 months

17. Get all my craft hurricanes sorted and organized

18. Bake at least 3 new desserts and 3 new dinners

19. Photograph lightning

20. Watch a meteor shower

21. Bike to a destination (work, gym, store)

22. Not get into debt over Christmas

23. Visit friends in another city

24. Visit and help my grandma with yardwork and cleaning

25. Get my car running in tip-top shape (mostly) by myself

26. Shoot a short movie

27. Read a classic I have never read before

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