Take Five Friday: Five Highlights of the Week

Reception.We welcomed a new little munchkin-Elizabeth-into our lives this week. (The Beau’s sister had her second little girl.)

Elation, then Resignation. I hit my second weight goal (115-ish), but promptly put some weight back on. Le sigh. There are just too many carbs in the world.

Preparation. My best girl friend (actually, one of my only close girl friends) and I are taking a whirlwind 34-hour-ish vacation for her birthday this coming Tuesday/Wednesday. There will be lots of beach reading, lots of champagne, lots of cheese, and perhaps a speakeasy or pub crawl. I have never been on a vacation with a friend like this, so I am excited that hopefully it will become a regular annual thing, friend road trips!

We have the Rainbow Brite, The Strawberries and Cream, The Triple and Lemon with gold sprinkles. YUMZORS.

Cupcaktion. No, it’s not a word, but I have a theme going on here! Week Two of going to Sugar Daddy Cupcakery and I am totally in love. Forget Sprinkles, forget Lulu’s. These cupcakes are light (despite being HUGE!), beautiful and imaginative. The gentlemen who create them are a credit to baking.

photo credit

Inception. Oh my goodness. I could spend hours staring off into space thinking about this film. It furrows into your mind, much like the plot of the movie itself, until you think you have something figured out, then it turns on itself. And the memes make me giggle way too much.

I realized after writing this way it sounded familiar. Oh yeeeeaaaah.

Take Five Friday: City Addendums

I know I have already done a Take Five on places I would love to live, but since this summer has probably become the most oppressing and uncomfortable summer yet, my mind has started to more-than-wander to places I am seriously thinking about moving. Also, when I was getting a pedicure done the other day, the beautician (who I have known for just about a month or two) asked me why I was here. She said I was too creative to be in a place that didn’t promote and encourage that. It really struck me that someone who has known me such a small amount of time would say something that I knew to be true. I was touched.

1. Prescott/Flagstaff Area. I know this one was on my other list, I promise it’s the only repeat. Every time I go up there, it gets harder and harder to leave. The cost of living is higher, the houses are expensive, and after doing the house-renting thing there is no way I can live in an apartment again. But jeez, it has so many happy memories I don’t know why I haven’t moved up there already. Being there over Fourth of July weekend cemented the fact that if I move anywhere but stay in Arizona, it’s going to be one of these two towns. I’m a big sucker for college towns, too.

Oh hey look I could actually grow things in Washington!

2. Pullman, Washington. I can’t believe I’m choosing this one but the more research I do about it, the more I’m warming up (ha! temperature joke) to this city. Near the Idaho border, Pullman is a small town with a big heart: Washington State University. Eight miles east is the city of Moscow, Idaho, which is home to the university of Idaho. If I know anything about sports (I don’t) I know how uplifting a healthy rivalry can be for a town. Plus, I could become a crazy janitor at the University and solve writing problems (not math) in the night!

Penny is big, farthing is little. Credit

3. Austin, Texas. Okay, I lied about repeats. But really, the two are repeats for very good reasons: Family and Art. Most of my family lives in Prescott, and I love them dearly so moving to be nearer to them would be great. Austin, although I have never been there, is phenomenal when it comes to creativity and weirdness. It’s like Austin got a special shot of moxie that most towns don’t have the cojones to get. Plus, amazing music festivals, tons of dog-friendly spots around town, and ROLLER DERBY!

4. Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo, California. It’s small, it has a farmer’s market, it has a college town vibe, it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. It’s perfect! SLO is near Hearst Castle, and come on, just look at this picture:


photo credit

5. Boulder, Colorado. Home of the University of Colorado, and Naropa, one of only two Buddhism-inspired universities in the U.S. I can feel my inner calm surfacing just writing that. They also have their own impressive Film Festival, tons of awesome traditions (Naked Pumpkin Run, anyone?) A quick bus ride to Denver (if we ever had the need to go to the zoo, or do other “big-city” things), boulder seems like another winner I will be getting

Terrific Thursday

For some reason, despite waking with a splitting headache and feeling like I had received no sleep, The Universe wanted to make up for it.
I managed to pull myself together because The Beau said it was raining outside. I threw on some shorts and reveled in the early morning mist, which thankfully cooled off the whole day. You know, 100 instead of 114.

I managed to pull myself together and make coffee and pack a lunch for myself (I haven’t done this in months. Momentous.)

Got to work, with good news emails all around, work-wise. I won’t bore you with them, just good news.

Get an email from a friend I haven’t talked to in a few years, apologizing for being “mean” to me in high school. The majority of people were mean, but who wasn’t in high school? You gotta pick on someone else, lest they try to do it to you first. Ah, self-esteem issues, the cornerstone of any high school existence.

Anyway, his email ended with “watch for sparkles.” What a glorious thing to say. As the day progressed, I was feeling more and more sparkly.

Had to do rounds and talk with merchants for work, and two of them remarked that I looked “beautiful” or “great,” which got me blushing big time.

Got home and The Beau had gotten the mail: CARE PACKAGE! From my lovely friends in DC, I got a care package that made me squeal, laugh, and become speechless with all the goodies it stored (Maker’s Mark lapel pin? How did they know my love of whisky-oh yeah, they read everything I write.)

Took the dog for a walk around the pool (contemplated jumping in) and it was, as The Beau proclaimed, “downright pleasant” outside. It takes a magnificent feat like water falling from the sky to cool down the scorched earth of the desert. I sincerely think The Universe felt bad about the aborted swim session yesterday.

Something was in the air today. Thank you Universe; I will have to work on pushing all this good karma back into the world.

Kookaburra Licorice

I don’t know why it is called “kookaburra licorice,” but I do know that it was so tasty I almost started swearing aloud.

I bought it from smeeks in downtown Phoenix. I know I have mentioned smeeks before, but I could go on and on about it until I just dragged you down there. Everyone I take there thinks it’s magical. No one ever leaves empty handed. It has sodas in glass bottles (including Mexican Coke made with cane sugar-MUY DELICIOSO!), it has a photobooth that for $5 gives you 8 poses and doubles of your adventure! It also has toys, vintage candy, vegan chocolate/candy, ninja Matryoshka nesting dolls and even a section devoted to baconstuffs (belt, wallets, gummies)

But, I digresss. back to the licorice. I was expecting a Red Vine sort of flavor, so it really surprised me. Not overly sweet and preservative-y like Twizzlers, but a naturally sweet strawberry taste. I am not usually a big strawberry licorice fan, but this has an extra spice that I enjoy. At first bite, it’s like a big piece of Bubble Yum, without artificial flavor aftertaste.

If you’re looking for a different licorice or healthier alternative to too-sweet candy, KOOKABURRA!

Take Five Friday: Photo Week in Review

This week was filled with fantastic moments, inside my house and out!


Gorgeous green filtered light through the upper window,

An amazing veggie sandwich (with bacon!) at MacAlpine’s with HH,

celebrating Bastille Day with ma meilleure amie,

laughing way more than I probably should that Tortilla finally sat in the way of the frame I drew on the door with my window crayons,

and of course, SWIMMING. Any time of day, for 5 minutes or 50, I love it. I’m still working on night exposures with my camera, so it’s fun to test it out.


Other great things that happened this week: The Beau and I rode our bikes to the movies and saw Despicable Me. It was fantastic. I would say if you’re having trouble deciding what to see this weekend, see Inception and Despicable Me.