Take Five Friday: 4-day Independence Weekend

It wouldn’t be a picnic without a slight rainstorm and consequent dam-builidng.

Okay, everyone in my family who reads this blog. This is my top 5 list of things I would like to see this weekend:

5. water balloons. They may have shut down the water war cruises (I did that back in the early 90’s, before it got out of hand), but that doesn’t mean we as a family can’t get soaked.

4. Sparklers. Everyone bring their lighters, because we are spelling out some letters!!

3. BBQ. Since The Beau introduced me to Jack Daniels BBQ burgers (homemade), I have become obsessed with BBQ. Please someone, save me some BBQ.

2. Huge family breakfast. I don’t care if it’s at our favorite come-together restaurant, or at my na-na’s with people piled everywhere in chairs or sitting on stoops. I would prefer chorizo and waffles at na-na’s – I will even repay you by doing yardwork, nana!!!

Every family has an endless supply of spy glasses, right?

1. Just being together. Our family is finally in a 2-state radius again, so we can get together like this more often, with everyone truly being together. I feel very lucky that my family is so close, and we love each other so much we are willing to camp out it in each others back yards and under tables just to be able to spend as much time as possible with each other. Thanks, Fourth of July Weekend!

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