Thursday, In Which My Fourth of July Holiday Ends Four Days Later

on the road again…

Wow. My weekend lasted for 4.5 days. It was glorious while it lasted. I packed a lot into some seemingly relaxing days:

-went to the gym

-watched two amazing World Cup matches

-partied with family on Whiskey Row in Prescott

-got a fisheye lens and used it enough already for people to get sick of me behind the camera

-creating one of the better care packages I have made, complete with homemade Surprise Ball!

-getting to scour the internet for acrhitecture pictures for my brother. He is moving back to Chicago at the end of the summer and wants his room to be real classy. I am incredibly touched he asked me for help, but, in typical brother fashion he just said he wanted “black and white architectural pictures,” and left it up to me to find out what that meant.

-in the above search, finding this astounding book. MUST HAVE. 

-I also did a lot of bike riding, sleeping in my hammock, and losing a couple pounds, despite eating fry bread, multiple tecates, and a HUGE family breakfast.


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