Kookaburra Licorice

I don’t know why it is called “kookaburra licorice,” but I do know that it was so tasty I almost started swearing aloud.

I bought it from smeeks in downtown Phoenix. I know I have mentioned smeeks before, but I could go on and on about it until I just dragged you down there. Everyone I take there thinks it’s magical. No one ever leaves empty handed. It has sodas in glass bottles (including Mexican Coke made with cane sugar-MUY DELICIOSO!), it has a photobooth that for $5 gives you 8 poses and doubles of your adventure! It also has toys, vintage candy, vegan chocolate/candy, ninja Matryoshka nesting dolls and even a section devoted to baconstuffs (belt, wallets, gummies)

But, I digresss. back to the licorice. I was expecting a Red Vine sort of flavor, so it really surprised me. Not overly sweet and preservative-y like Twizzlers, but a naturally sweet strawberry taste. I am not usually a big strawberry licorice fan, but this has an extra spice that I enjoy. At first bite, it’s like a big piece of Bubble Yum, without artificial flavor aftertaste.

If you’re looking for a different licorice or healthier alternative to too-sweet candy, KOOKABURRA!

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