Terrific Thursday

For some reason, despite waking with a splitting headache and feeling like I had received no sleep, The Universe wanted to make up for it.
I managed to pull myself together because The Beau said it was raining outside. I threw on some shorts and reveled in the early morning mist, which thankfully cooled off the whole day. You know, 100 instead of 114.

I managed to pull myself together and make coffee and pack a lunch for myself (I haven’t done this in months. Momentous.)

Got to work, with good news emails all around, work-wise. I won’t bore you with them, just good news.

Get an email from a friend I haven’t talked to in a few years, apologizing for being “mean” to me in high school. The majority of people were mean, but who wasn’t in high school? You gotta pick on someone else, lest they try to do it to you first. Ah, self-esteem issues, the cornerstone of any high school existence.

Anyway, his email ended with “watch for sparkles.” What a glorious thing to say. As the day progressed, I was feeling more and more sparkly.

Had to do rounds and talk with merchants for work, and two of them remarked that I looked “beautiful” or “great,” which got me blushing big time.

Got home and The Beau had gotten the mail: CARE PACKAGE! From my lovely friends in DC, I got a care package that made me squeal, laugh, and become speechless with all the goodies it stored (Maker’s Mark lapel pin? How did they know my love of whisky-oh yeah, they read everything I write.)

Took the dog for a walk around the pool (contemplated jumping in) and it was, as The Beau proclaimed, “downright pleasant” outside. It takes a magnificent feat like water falling from the sky to cool down the scorched earth of the desert. I sincerely think The Universe felt bad about the aborted swim session yesterday.

Something was in the air today. Thank you Universe; I will have to work on pushing all this good karma back into the world.

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