Take Five Friday: Five Highlights of the Week

Reception.We welcomed a new little munchkin-Elizabeth-into our lives this week. (The Beau’s sister had her second little girl.)

Elation, then Resignation. I hit my second weight goal (115-ish), but promptly put some weight back on. Le sigh. There are just too many carbs in the world.

Preparation. My best girl friend (actually, one of my only close girl friends) and I are taking a whirlwind 34-hour-ish vacation for her birthday this coming Tuesday/Wednesday. There will be lots of beach reading, lots of champagne, lots of cheese, and perhaps a speakeasy or pub crawl. I have never been on a vacation with a friend like this, so I am excited that hopefully it will become a regular annual thing, friend road trips!

We have the Rainbow Brite, The Strawberries and Cream, The Triple and Lemon with gold sprinkles. YUMZORS.

Cupcaktion. No, it’s not a word, but I have a theme going on here! Week Two of going to Sugar Daddy Cupcakery and I am totally in love. Forget Sprinkles, forget Lulu’s. These cupcakes are light (despite being HUGE!), beautiful and imaginative. The gentlemen who create them are a credit to baking.

photo credit

Inception. Oh my goodness. I could spend hours staring off into space thinking about this film. It furrows into your mind, much like the plot of the movie itself, until you think you have something figured out, then it turns on itself. And the memes make me giggle way too much.

I realized after writing this way it sounded familiar. Oh yeeeeaaaah.

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