Tortilla Tuesdays

As I was cleaning up my digital archives, I noticed I had a lot of pictures of my dog, Tortilla. No, scratch that, a frightening amount of pictures of him. Enough to start my own photoblog of pictures of him. But since I don’t have the energy to create yet another blog, I have dedicated Tuesdays here on Peppered Thought to my dear old pup.

He loves his computer time. Currently watching.

Summer Memories

Although as I grow older and summers aren’t as big time – wise (three months with no obligations?! Sign me up!), They still have their moments of utter contentment. But I just thought I would write about some of my favorite summer memories today, as the kiddies toddle back to school.

  •  Spending a month with my Nana in Prescott. That was always a major highlight, because of all the possibilities. My relatives would come and bring me things (I still have The Secret Garden book my aunt gave me when I decided to hang out with her instead of go to Mass with my Nana!), I would get to help my grandma in a garden that would actually sprout things, and all my cousins were here so if I ever got bored by myself (which rarely happened), I could go and freeze some soda for a summer slushie with one of them. Yes, my cousin Muffin and I used to freeze soda into bowls and sit on the stoop and scrape away at our ghetto slushies.
  • Swimming for hours upon hours with my dad and sister. My dad lived in an apartment with the best pool ever. It went super deep, was always clean, and we would never want to leave. I remember on more than one occasion my sister and I would be begging my dad to stay just a little bit longer, and our lips would be purple it was so cold in the pool.
  • Making summer foods. Besides the above Soda Slushies, my cousin and I would also get as many fruits as we could round up and slice them all up into mounds of fruit salad. My favorite were the blackberries and bananas, which there were never enough of! My dad would also encourage my sister and I to think up fruits to put in popsicles, but we usually just stuck with strawberries. I also recall making lots of pudding and being impatient for it to fully form in the fridge. That pudding was always amazing because the wait was so excruciating.
  •  Nothing. I am truly in awe thinking about the time of my life I didn’t have to do anything, with the exception of the odd-job (cleanup the house, wash the car). Summer was all mine. Discovering hobo castles in the wash behind my house, reading until my eyes crossed, trying to entertain my sister by playing dressup with my mom’s Stevie Nicks’-inspired outfits. Or, just lying around, listening to the fan spin madly. Truly magical.

What are your favorite summer memories?

UFC 118: Ye Olde Punchbags

photo credit

This press conference looks so classy and awesome.

Anyway, I will make this quick, because I am too excited to play around with my fancy schmancy printable fight card, courtesy of

Ah, Boston. Home of our nation’s forefathers, Bunker Hill, the original Tea Party, the Sox and some wicked crazy accents. I can’t get over Julianne Moore’s over the top one on 30 Rock, and I love when the guys on the sports blogs I read write in their accents.

Time for some fightin’ predictions for UFC 118: In the Hub (of the Universe).

Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn

They are both hungry for it, but I have to think Penn just might pull through. I’m not too big of a BJ fan, but I think he might have a grappling edge.

Randy Couture vs. James Toney

I’m not at all looking forward to this fight. You know in a show or a movie when a miscommunication or misread gesture makes you squirm with embarrassment? That’s what I think this will be like.

Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda

Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard

Following Florian on Twitter, I know he has been training a long time to prepare himself for this fight. I hope he follows through!

Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis

This one I’m not sure. As much as I appreciate the mean mugginess, I am not convinced it can beat out the Irish Hand Grenade. But I’ll still root for him.

Joe Lauzon vs. Gabe Ruediger

Ruediger gave Lauzon a cake that says “sorry for your loss” at the weigh-ins. He won my heart with the funny, just like Tom Lawlor. But I like Lauzon, too. I’ll fence-sit this one.

The last four, we’ll see how they fare.

Take Five Friday: Thanks This Week

While I am still recovering from Disneyland and Six Flags (and editing photos. blerg.), I am staying upbeat and trying to avoid PDD by listing things I am thankful for.

disneyland. It was so full of magic and churros. I am buzzing with good vibes and can’t wait to go back!

smushed pennies. Not only are they inexpensive souvenirs, they are magical and great at becoming lucky charms!! Always make sure you use pennies made before 1982, because after 1982 the mint began to use a percentage of 99.2% zinc with a 0.8% copper – coating. In pre-1982 pennies that percentage was 95% copper, 5% zinc. Why yes, as a matter of fact I am a nerd.

the beau. What a trooper. Waking up at midnight to drive us to get to Disneyland right when it opened, and dealing with a grumpy kid (me) at 11:45 the following evening when I found out that the entire park was sold out fo those silver ear headbands. Quelle triste. He is amazing and I’m glad I got some shots of him in super-happy little kid giddy mode!

gala darling. The Universe seems to be slightly making up for the above ear dilemma. Gala announced a contest on her site and if you win the huge prize, guess what happens to be in it? The very same ears I had been scouring to find!! Swoon! Fingers and toes crossed I win!

photos. I love taking photos and thankfully there is probably no better place than Disneyland to take hundreds. I won’t bore you with every single shot, so stay tuned next week for the top ten pictures and tips for Disney fun!

my aunt’s birthday. My favorite aunt – whom I visited in Albuquerque last year – had her birthday today, so my mom and I called her up and sang to her. She said the one time she wears mascara, we had to call up and be sweet. I love making people’s makeup run from happiness!

Corgis on a Treadmill!

Book Review: Waking Up in the Land of Glitter

Some people might get put off by the mere title having glitter in it. One of my friends flips out whenever a spec comes in close proximity to her. But thankfully, glitter is not the main glue of this story. It’s friendship. Friendship tougher than any industrial craft adhesive, tougher than glitter. For fun, I made a littl Polyvore set with pictures of the book, the Chica herself, and some elements of the book:

photo info and credits here

This book touched me so that instead of just writing “it was awesome,” I thought I’d get a little personal and show you the letter I sent to the author, Kathy Cano-Murillo.

Dear Crafty Chica,
First off, as a fellow Phoenician I want to say a HUGE gracias for writing a book that takes place in a city so close to my corazón. Too much spanglish? I’ll try to tone it down. 🙂 I just finished reading your novel and not only did it have me in stitches (haha craft puns!), but it touched me on a level that was completely unexpected. Star could not be more like me if she had been my glitter-covered Siamese twin! Her inability to finish things, her hurricane energy, her inventiveness, her wandering through life. A paraphrase of a line that really resonated with me, from Chloe: Star may not know what she wanted to do in life, but she would sure help you if you did.
I started crying at that point. That is me! I loved all the different layers of your characters and your passion not only for writing and crafting, but for forming characters you could read about forever.
Thank you so much for this novel, and I know something that will be stuffed in all my amigas stockings this Christmas!
Viva Love and Glitter!

For more info about Kathy Cano-Murillo, Crafty Chica herself, visit her website. For information about her writing or tips on writing, visit her sister site, Chica Writer.