Take Five Friday: Things I’ve Learned This Week

I am still melting back into reality after a quick, overnight vacation to San Diego and back. While I am currently on the way out the door to the dentist, I wanted to share the things I have learned this week.

5. A Diva is a female version of a Hustla’. I had never even thought to put those two together.

4. S’mores on the beach are pretty much the bomb. Don’t let anyone tell you different. But bring a cooler or the chocolate will completely melt into puddles-and you can’t put puddles on a graham.

3. It is always worth waking up super early to start your day before the sunrises. I know for a lot of people, getting up early is regime, but for me, it was like I had a whole other day I was missing out on!

2. Something more fun than using the iphone’s “Hipstamatic” app? Putting your sunnies over the camera lens. Bam.


1. Having someone with similar, but not eactly the same, music tastes is really fun on car rides. You hear a lot of music you probably never would have otherwise (see #5 above), and then you guys can scream songs you love together as loud as possible, like below (beware-infectious):

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