Strikeforce in Phoenix: MMA in the Valley of the Sun

I am beyond stoked that Strikeforce will be coming (well, everyone is pretty much here already) to Phoenix this Friday for not only a hometown fight (Joe “Diesel” Riggs!) and Ryan Couture (a Bucky to Randy’s Captain America) but a female TOURNAMENT!
As a woman and an extreme lover of the sport, I could not be happier that one of the main events is this tournament. To see more than just a couple of high profiles, but to give everyone a chance in the spotlight is inspiring in this area of MMA. I know the women’s category has a ways to go to be comparable to the men’s, much less be interesting to the general public. But, you have to start somewhere, and I think this is a fantastic way.

On another note, the more into this sport I get, the more I have to say how impressed I am with its supporters and journalists. Esther Lin and Tracy Lee are phenomenal at their crafts and have a keen eye with which to capture the perfect moments, Ben Fowlkes not only writes with passion and knowledge, he is damn funny. Maggie Hendricks is a woman I admire because she holds her own when it comes to technical knowledge especially in wrasslin’) and Ariel Helwani is a fantastic interviewer, with an amazing style (Plaidest man on the Planet ftw!)

I feel very lucky to be able to talk to them via twitter and it fills me with hope that MMA will become popular not with just John Q. Public, but with erudites/hipsters/irony maidens/people who like watching Friday Night Lights too, and everyone can enjoy the beauty of the human mind and body that happens within the Octagon.

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