Take Five Friday: Things Keeping Me Up at Night

Although I always have trouble sleeping, this week has been particularly rough. Tuesday until 3 o’clock I didn’t even consider it a day. So, today I thought I’d expound on what I think is keeping my mind racing when I am conscious.


5. Remembering things. Vacations. Things I want to do. Things I need to do. Correspondence to write. They seem too trivial to write down and yet, here I am, 4 a.m., remembering to check out Disneyland info.

4. Eating habits. I am thinking I need to get more veggies and vitamins back into my diet. I’m sure all these chips and cheese aren’t doing me too many favors. That might be a significant source of non-sleep that no one thinks about. (MAGNEEEEESIUM!)

3. Existential problems. Well, not really problems, just thinking about life in general. What I am doing, am I loving what I am doing, what is it that I want to do?

2. Bills. I have no idea why I think about them, because I check my accounts frequently and even have my own notebook I track expenses. so, I have no reason to think about them, but I still do.

1. Thinking about how there isn’t enough time in the day. to write, to lolligag, to create and to love. I am wasting time thinking about how there isn’t enough time! WHAT THE HELL, BODY. Go to sleep!

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