Messages In Water

Last week I finished reading Hidden Messages in Water. Let me say, the read is very very interesting. The pictures, which beyond being breathtaking, pose an interesting theory about water and it’s components.

Memory and positive messages are two of the major things this book talks about water responding to. Water seems to “remember” certain things, and responds thusly. Also, the book states that in nature, there is no negative. Humans are the ones who have invented “stupid,” “kill,” and “hate.” So when water is exposed to something as suggestive as those words or images that convey them (Hiroshima bombs, for example), it has a hard time functioning properly (in the book’s case, not forming snowflakes when frozen)

Although I’m not completely sold on the idea, I think it is a very unique and interesting assesment about how hurtful we can be to each other. It is also why I’ve taken to wrapping my water bottles with kind messages (LOVE and GRATITUDE in the above picture), just in case. 🙂

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