Take Five Friday: Thanks This Week

While I am still recovering from Disneyland and Six Flags (and editing photos. blerg.), I am staying upbeat and trying to avoid PDD by listing things I am thankful for.

disneyland. It was so full of magic and churros. I am buzzing with good vibes and can’t wait to go back!

smushed pennies. Not only are they inexpensive souvenirs, they are magical and great at becoming lucky charms!! Always make sure you use pennies made before 1982, because after 1982 the mint began to use a percentage of 99.2% zinc with a 0.8% copper – coating. In pre-1982 pennies that percentage was 95% copper, 5% zinc. Why yes, as a matter of fact I am a nerd.

the beau. What a trooper. Waking up at midnight to drive us to get to Disneyland right when it opened, and dealing with a grumpy kid (me) at 11:45 the following evening when I found out that the entire park was sold out fo those silver ear headbands. Quelle triste. He is amazing and I’m glad I got some shots of him in super-happy little kid giddy mode!

gala darling. The Universe seems to be slightly making up for the above ear dilemma. Gala announced a contest on her site and if you win the huge prize, guess what happens to be in it? The very same ears I had been scouring to find!! Swoon! Fingers and toes crossed I win!

photos. I love taking photos and thankfully there is probably no better place than Disneyland to take hundreds. I won’t bore you with every single shot, so stay tuned next week for the top ten pictures and tips for Disney fun!

my aunt’s birthday. My favorite aunt – whom I visited in Albuquerque last year – had her birthday today, so my mom and I called her up and sang to her. She said the one time she wears mascara, we had to call up and be sweet. I love making people’s makeup run from happiness!

Corgis on a Treadmill!

One thought on “Take Five Friday: Thanks This Week

  1. What has this to do with Physical Health and Beauty? Churros! Also looking forward to photos. Also “quelle triste” makes no sense in French. Maybe “Quelle tristesse”? Also, I love you. Also, my name is Jim in Chile – no one knows that nobody has ever called me that in my life! I’m like yeah it’s my nickname from my middle name – lies! all lies! I lke being Jim! Who’s Jim, you ask? He’s dashing haberdash is what. Not sure if haberdash is a word.

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