Finally, A Name for These Amazing Faux Onesheets: Unsheets!

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I have been in love with this sort of style for a few years now, and am so happy I can finally explain them in one word: unsheets.

Most film fans know that one-sheets are the posters they put up in theatre lobbies and windows to promote upcoming movies.

But what do you call them when the artistic fan community decides to DIY and make them much more eye-catching? Unsheets.

I have bought a couple, and rebelliously printed and framed a couple together. I love them so much.

Here is a fabulous article by John August, with a great list of the artists with vision, changing the way people think about movie posters. Don’t forget to check out the comments – people have added their own links so you can peruse even MORE Unsheet artists!

On a semi-related note: If video game covers were designed like Criterion Covers. I know there are a LOT to sift through in this collection but I know you will find something that tickles you. Well, that is, if you play video games and like in-jokes.

One of my favorite artists of the new and improved one-sheets would be Olly Moss. He does amazing posters for the Alamo Drafthouse; I am always on the edge of my seat when he makes another!

I am also smitten with all these two-color posters from Nick Tassone. I am eyeing that Misery one for my wall.

Tortilla Tuesdays

As I was cleaning up my digital archives, I noticed I had a lot of pictures of my dog, Tortilla. No, scratch that, a frightening amount of pictures of him. Enough to start my own photoblog of pictures of him. But since I don’t have the energy to create yet another blog, I have dedicated Tuesdays here on Peppered Thought to my dear old pup.

Creating a snuggle fort.

Random Thoughts

  • One time my cousin forgot to call her mom for the whole day, so at around 8 p.m. her mother left her a rambling message saying that the only possible reason she didn’t call was Jen (my cousin) was abducted by UFO’s. Because, you know, even kidnappers and police would let you make a phone call.
  • On The Simpsons, when Lisa’s birthday rolls around, Bart mentions something about candy not tasting as good when you get older (closer to TEN OMG!), and it made me smile and lament how true it is. Fruit by the Foot doesn’t give me as much as a thrill as this fruit strap does.
  • I have been thinking of new blog header ideas (as you can see I changed the theme recently) and getting over the top excited cooking up crazy ideas. Superhero drawing? Desert photos? Will my Oscar the Grouch Dress finally make a public experience? (quick answer-not yet.)
  • Being the Grammar Nazi that I am, I corrected and made sure my friend knew that “alot” the word doesn’t exist. I sent him this link to remind him. He sent a message that said he “ate alot,” so I sent him this picture:

Take Five Friday: Banned Books Week September 25-Oct 2

Banned Books Week is an annual event to highlight the importance of the First Amendment, the problems with censorship and celebrating the freedom to read. Here is my list – Top 5 favorite banned books:

1. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I don’t think enough people know and appreciate the meaning of “Stay Golden, Ponyboy.” My brother even had a friend we nicknamed Ponyboy just so we could say that!

Banned for… depicting kids from broken families, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and profanity.

2. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I first read this in my gifted class. The idea of tesseracts floored me. I got so into all the ideas that this book went through I read every book in the collection. A Wind in the Door, An Acceptable Time, Many Waters (which is much more controversial than Wrinkle, I would think) and a LOT of others.

Banned for…including witchcraft and such.

3. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (or as he is known in Garden State “Aldous Huxtable”). I think this was on a list of books we had to choose to read throughout a school year. It wasn’t for a report or anything, our teacher just decided if we had “free time” in her class, we had to read something from that list. Which is pretty cool, because I also read “The Cay” and “Summer of My German Soldier” from that list. So back to the topic at hand. It blew my mind to a more open way of thinking. Maybe in the future, “God” with a capital G will be a lesser deity than Ford. Such a foreign concept to my young mind, and yet it made something in there click. It was banned-book deliciousness at its best.

Banned for… “negative activities” such as drugs and sex

4. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Banned for… not only its overt tones of child violence and negative activities, but also a thinly-veiled indictment of the Christian Church. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, read (or re-read) and tell me that the majority (if not all) the hell and havoc does not stem from the church school boys.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This is the first book I was required to read for class that I didn’t mind being forced into reading.

Banned for… profanity, sex and racial themes

What are your favorite banned books?

If You’re Thinking of Seeing ‘Buried’ This Weekend…

Don’t. Not to be a jerk, but it’s not going to be good.

Instead, watch/ read these:

  • The awesome buried alive scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2

  • Blood Simple. Oh man it’s sooo good. So dark and cold. I don’t want to put the clip on here, since The Beau hasn’t seen it, but go watch it!

UPDATE: I looked, and it’s on Netflix Instant Watch, so you have one less excuse not to watch it, so gooooo!

  • Joe Pesci in Casino. Seriously, Casino is so awesome. All the little parts, all the big parts, just so glorious. And the soundtrack, oh my!
  • Read all the links pertaining to it. p.s. I love that “Texas funeral” redirects here.


Fall Patio Dreamin’ 2010

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Well, just like when I can’t wait for spring to get here, I’m calling fall…now.

It’s finally forecasted to be under 100 degrees for a consecutive days, so that means fall is here, for however many weeks that shall be.

So my mind wanders to simple dinner parties (i.e. Tortilla and The Beau, maybe an odd friend or family member), playing darts in the backyard and napping on the hammock without fear of a sunburn.

One of my other favorite autumn activities is gathering up supplies for cooler weather: knee socks, blankets, sleep pants and of course hot chocolate and s’more fixins.

What is your favorite thing about fall?