Random Thoughts of the Week

  • Although I’m sure it’s lovely, I wish the Reading Festival was an actual reading festival. Bunches of people on picnic blankets, either reading to themselves, or aloud to others (as long as it wasn’t loud, or obnoxious writing)
  • I’m going to find a churro sprinkled with Imagineering powder, whatever that may be.
  • I love reading through backlogs of the KSK Fantasy Football/Sex Mailbag: “What you should give up on is falling in love with shitty people.”
  • I suck at waking up. I exchange being a night owl, goofy and charming in the evening for being a headcase when i wake up. Grumpy, fussy, easily angrable and most of all, more forgetful than usual. i remember my lunch? forget my gym clothes. Remember my gym clothes? forget to shut the bedroom door and the dog poops. remember to shut the door? forget my mp3 player so I have to listen to the Harpies at the gym. Why?!?!
  • Asked my stepdad about the last time he went to Magic Mountain. He said it was only a hill and smelled like weed.

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