Take Five Friday: Best of the Best

♥ The pool is again cool enough to swim in. With the pool being cooler, that means FALL is on the way! So you know what that means? Stylish cardigans and knee socks up the yin yang!

♥ Pork rinds are good for you! Kind of. Okay, that sentence was a tad misleading, but they’re better than potato chips! Men’s Health article about junk foods that are good for you.

♥ Cherry LifeSavers. I rediscovered these at the store the other day. My favorite candy flavor, sugar-free and only 7 calories in one piece. I burn that much walking from the office to my car!

♥ Making a new little book to keep all my travel memories and future travel dreams together:That fortune card is from a pirate teller in Disney’s French Quarter.

♥ Lastly, Labor Day. Although I have to work tomorrow (saturday) I still get a pretty long weekend. So I am trying to brush off all the ick things of the morning and work as swiftly as possible. Makes the day go by fast and allows me to feel justified in taking a Labor Day off.



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