Take Five Friday: Digging Deep

I am in the midst of a lightning storm of pain, thank to cramps. So I had to dig pretty deep to find some thing to be thankful and happy about this Friday (hence the title). So, here is my list of things I am grateful and delighted with right now:

  • An inspiring, colorful cupcake tutorial
  • This gentleman physicist by day, firefly follower by night. Here’s one of the shots he captured:

  • A site called Pictures of My Mother. People submit a picture, along with a story about their mom. It is exquisite.
  • My girlfriend who has been traveling to Prague, Cambridge, and everywhere in between has been sending me pictures and it has burned a wanderlust hole in me.

Lastly thankful for cheese. I have been sitting here thinking of one last thing to be thankful for (the weekend? no-i have to work through Tuesday.) and thinking about the amazing dinner The Beau made last ngiht, cheese tops it. A homemade pizza, based with a homemade pizza sauce (HOMEMADE HEAVEN!), and topped with gourmet pepperoni and loads of fresh mozzarella. CHEEEEESE!

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