Letter to Someone You Admire: NTKOG

this picture is pretty funny to go along with this Letter because NTKOG is anonymous and hence, I have no idea how swell-looking she is. (but I’m guessing it is pretty friggin swell.)

Dearest Not That Kind of Girl (or as I like to think of her: “The ‘Friggin’ Word Queen”),

You, milady, are an inspiration. I know that sounds hokey to the max, but it is true. You trekked across country to fulfill a sort of epiphany, and I heartily congratulate you. You took a risk in a big way, and it paid off better than you could have imagined.

Starting Not That Kind Of Girl last year, you committed yourself to doing things that were not in your character to do (see the project parameters here.) But, by doing so, you have integrated them into a much rosier character. A – dare I say it? – model character.

From your own barrels of cool quotes: “Personal change is not only possible but necessary.”

Here are a couple of my favorite recent articles:
letters to inmates (including a safe p.o. box)
flowers to strangers
choose my adventure day

Anyone can pretty much just pick a day and find something inspiring you have done. Your writing is fluid and engaging, while being unpretentious and funny. If you lived in my town I would (despite your parameter of not making friends) beg you to come out for a pint with me.

You are also a part of one of my favorite sites, The Secret Society of List Addicts!

Not That Kind Of Girl, you are just my kind of girl. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Letter to Someone You Admire: NTKOG

  1. Awwwwwww, don’t make me cry at my desk, dude! My boss will know I’m not really sorting invoices!

    Seriously, this letter made my heart hurt in the best of all ways. Thank you, dude, and if you’re ever in Boston, let’s grab that pint!

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