Random Thoughts

  • One time my cousin forgot to call her mom for the whole day, so at around 8 p.m. her mother left her a rambling message saying that the only possible reason she didn’t call was Jen (my cousin) was abducted by UFO’s. Because, you know, even kidnappers and police would let you make a phone call.
  • On The Simpsons, when Lisa’s birthday rolls around, Bart mentions something about candy not tasting as good when you get older (closer to TEN OMG!), and it made me smile and lament how true it is. Fruit by the Foot doesn’t give me as much as a thrill as this fruit strap does.
  • I have been thinking of new blog header ideas (as you can see I changed the theme recently) and getting over the top excited cooking up crazy ideas. Superhero drawing? Desert photos? Will my Oscar the Grouch Dress finally make a public experience? (quick answer-not yet.)
  • Being the Grammar Nazi that I am, I corrected and made sure my friend knew that “alot” the word doesn’t exist. I sent him this link to remind him. He sent a message that said he “ate alot,” so I sent him this picture:

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Love your post today. I can sometimes be the Grammar Nazi also, although my husband has talked me into backing off a bit. I constantly correct his writing even as he is typing it and it drives him up the wall. Love the picture!

  2. I totally still have that voicemail saved. And it’s so funny because after she’s decided I’ve been abducted, she proceeds to tell me that she got my report card in the mail and was very proud of me lol.

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