Take Five Friday: It’s October People!

I am so stoked! October guys!

Here are five things I am thankful for as the new month rolls around:

Yes, that little dinosaur came with the package and yes, I did squee when I saw it!

  • S’more cookies! I have made so many lately and I can’t believe I just found out about them a month ago. Thanks to Lovin From the Oven for her amazing recipe. You should definitely peruse her site; she has the most delicious-looking photos.
  • Talked with my mom about one of my list items, and she thought it was sweet and loved my idea!
  • It’s still not cool enough yet, but I have started planning some photoshoots with friends and family and it makes me so excited! One will be filled with desert scenes and pulp fiction dames!
  • Birthdays! A crop of fall birthdays are looming, so I am really excited to figure out some unique gifts to make for them, complete with photos for the blog of course!

What is revving your engine this week?

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