Take Five Friday: I Still Love October

Just in case you couldn’t tell by my recent joyous outburst, October is a big fave with me. Big fave. Why is that, you ask? Well:

1. It’s okay to read really strange things like this for hours. Or have this as bathroom reading. Or watch all horror movies.

2. I can dream up eccentric outfits and just say I’m thinking about using them for Halloween and no one gives it a second thought.

“WHAT! THIS IS A PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE WORK OUTFIT!” *stomping into closet to change*

3. October issue magazines. If I can manage to keep my money in my pocket when it come to magazine any other time of the year, it is that much harder to keep it in there for the Halloween/October issues. LOOK AT THESE:

C’mon, you couldn’t expect me to keep away. One of these days I am going to use all the ideas I have culled and have the most over the top, Disney Haunted Mansion-esque Halloween Party; people will be talking about it all year!

4. It is finally cool enough to enjoy the outdoors like BIKE RIDING! Now I can go on 67% more adventures around the neighborhoods!

5. Pulling out the SWEATERS and cardigans, knee socks and tights. Speaking of cool weather clothes, I was able to snag an amazing ’70s kid jacket for $5 at the thrift shop the other day! It’s puffy like a marshmallow, orange and cream, and it has a secret pocket for candies and love notes!

I might as well just be running in circles, giggling furiously. Nothing gets me more amped than thinking about all these things!

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