Le Smoking: The Jacket Ensemble Every Woman Should Own

Several years ago I read an article, a sort of debate, between le smoking and the little black dress (I cannot bring myself to call it LBD). As sultry and versatile a little shift of a dress is, in my mind there is nothing sexier than a woman in a suit.

I can’t even pick my favorites from the above! Josephine definitely knows how to accessorize, but then again Ellen Page’s effortless chic is pretty swoon-worthy.

This ties in with my love, borderline obsession with how cool Esquire magazine is. Only strong females, comfortable with both the feminine and masculine of their characters can wear this and look good. Women who try to wear it that don’t have these qualities either look painfully uncomfortable, or go overboard with accentuating their boobs or something equally ridiculous.

For my high school graduation night, I wore a white suit with a zebra vest underneath. I loved it and felt so awesome that I refused to put my gown on until the very last minute. And yet, I have no pictures of me in that fabulous outfit, and lost my beautiful white blazer in the craziness of the evening. *LAMENT*

What is an outfit that makes you feel empowered and confident?

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