My Little Corner of Crafty Cool Fall and Halloween Inspirations

October is my hands-down 2nd favorite month of the year (I mean come on, you can’t beat April…). I get so many ideas about how to decorate that I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

This year, even though it isn’t on my 27 things list, I thought I would work to make my house just a little bit more…haunting.

So, here are my small fall additions:

Little Halloween vignette on my front porch. The funny thing is, almost everyone uses their backyards to get in and out of their house, so our porch is mainly for me, The Beau, and the random teenagers that bob through. We have a sparkly bat garland, runaway bats down the column, a plastic skull and pumpkin that, come Halloween, will be filled with goodies but for now is filled with pinecones. We also have my little buddy Karl the Skary Cat. I love his eerie eyes. There’s also my glitter additions. I can’t live without something glittering.

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