Take Five Friday: Comfort Foods

Now that fall has finally hit the Valley (hey it’s under 100°, break out the sweaters!), I like to think about all my favorite comfort foods. The ones that are topping my list this fall would be:

Macaroni ‘n’ cheese, preferably with turkey dogs sliced into it or baked into ramekins so everyone can have a taste.

Cheese in general. Gouda mashed potatoes, goat cheese and fudge, extra sharp-wrapped hot dogs. You name it, I will find a way to make it better with cheese.

Truffles. I love the ones that melt instantly and are dusted with bitter cocoa powder. What a weakness they are. I want to learn to make my own, but I’m perplexed on how people make them so perfectly spherical.

S’mores. I love that this is an all-weather treat. Tasty over a campfire during sweet summer bbqs, perfectly for snuggling close and sharing a gooey one in winter.

Hot chocolate. I love the non-milk alternatives. Heck, I’m even happy with a little pre-packaged Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation! Just add water and it’s done! Easy to please, I am.

Burgers. Specifically, The Beau’s burgers. They are so perfectly grilled it’s like the Grill Angel reached down and blessed him with crazy chef skills! I love all his recipes, but whenever he offers to make burgers, I am sold.

What is your favorite comfort food?

2 thoughts on “Take Five Friday: Comfort Foods

  1. Poore Brothers Jalapeno chips warm me up with their spiciness! Also, EJ is a soup master; he finely crafts homemade soups with recipes that he makes up using what we have in the kitchen… and they are DELICIOUS!!!! SOUP WEATHER IS COMING!!!!!!!

    1. I have never tried those flavor of chips! It’s high on the list now since you have referenced them so many times! Have you been to the Polish place in downtown Glendale? Oh man their soups are extremely tasty!

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