Belief O Matic


I was reading Sarah Wilson’s post about taking this test and realized it had been quite a while since I had taken one myself, so I figured it would be fun to see if my world view had changed. Want to take it yourself? Go here.

Answer: it has, but not very much. I am more questionable of what happens after death, but almost everything else is the same.

I would have to say I pretty much agree with my 100% result of Universalism, but there is much room for interpretation. There are different kinds of Universalism (Christian, Sikh, Hindu) and each has a slightly different belief in the all-encompassing Universalism name. So I like the idea that all the religions of the world are true and flow to the same mighty Answer, but I disagree with a lot of other ideas that brings along with it.

The bottom of my list is Catholicism and Jehovah’s Witness. In my mind this is due to the somewhat true but sensationalized stereotypes of these two religions being extremely strict, and having no fun. No celebrations of birthdays, the jokes of “mourning for your faith” instead of celebrating. I’m not the kind of girl who goes spouting off about religion (even though I have taken so many religious/anthropology classes I could have a degree in the subject), but I find that I get really panicky when people talk about right and wrong in terms of beliefs.

So, that’s my out-of-left-field religion rant.

Oh, one more thing: I do believe that more beliefs and ideas about conducting your life should include revering Nature.

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