The Universe Entertains Me

photo credit: Daniel Lopez for Astronomy Picture of the Day

I usually never question the universe when it throws things my way, but sometimes I have to laugh out loud at how rapidly things are being thrown.

Good stuff: The Beau made coffee for me this morning and set up Law & Order: SVU for me to watch.

Bad stuff: As soon as I stepped into work (early, before we open mind you) I answer a call from a woman who basically just called to complained. I “ack”-ed loudly when the call was over.

Good stuff: my boss informs me the baby of a coworker I helped name (the baby, not the coworker) is next door, and I got to hold her and she didn’t cry. WIN WIN WIN

Bad stuff: since my boss had surgery a week ago she can’t lift anything, so I had to go to our materials warehouse just to lift and move heavy boxes for her.

Good stuff: when I got back and settled into work, the Gevalia people emailed me to say that the box that was sent to no one in the building was ours to keep and my boss let me have it! COFFEE FOR EVERYONE!

I can only say that my faith in the universe never wavers, but sometimes I like to giggle at it.

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