Breathing, The Helpful Way

Yes, I realize that all breathing is helpful. For say, staying alive. But to truly live, you need a different type of breathing.

Breathing Mindfully takes your focus away from stress and puts it where you need to focus most: inward.

I took yoga ages upon ages with my mom, and when we got busy we had tos top so we only ended up going to 4 classes, but he taught us something in that small amount of time that I have kept with me for over 10 years.

Yoga guy, you taught me the focus of breath equals focus of mind. Focusing on breathing diaphragm first, then lungs, then exhale through lungs first, then empty diaphragm, keeps you focused only on the breathing and creates a sense of calm within you.

It helps a lot with anxiety. I should know, since I have suffered from an acute form of social anxiety the majority of my life. I only wished I had learned this when I was really young. It would have been extremely comforting knowing I had a secret weapon when I felt like crying in the bathroom because I didn’t want to get made fun of at recess.

If my children or any of my nieces or nephews become afflicted with an anxiety problem, you better believe Auntie J is going to show them this trick. They may look at me like I am crazy when they are really young, but I want them to remember that breathing mindfully keeps you focused on things you really need in your life. You don’t need worry.

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