A Peppered Thought Thanksgiving

Top row: Vintage place setting, “wanker” plate (LOVE!) by trixie delicious, orange and turquoise table and my version of the main course – The Pilgrim, from the Grilled Cheese Academy.

Second row: mac n cheese ramekins, broccoli poodle

Third row: Gourmet mashed potatoes and teepee cupcakes

Fourth row: pumpkin pie jars by inchmark, chocolate spiced doughnuts, fabric crayon tee from Chez Beeper, DIY photobooth

Big picture: Marilyn “cheesecake” pictures

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone is sitting, full and happy, with tons of friends and family, reminiscing, making new memories.

I thought I would make a little collage of what Thanksgiving would look like if I was in charge. I’m not saying I would want to be in my family (we have a rumored forty people coming this year), but if I had a small friends gathering, or something.

Instead of traditional turkey, I would make a bunch of those amazing cranberry gouda grilled cheeses. They look so amazing.

I am also big on making sure the kids are entertained. I saw that amazing idea of fabric crayons on Chez Beeper Bebe and thought what a great activity it would be to keep kids occupied. I could provide a bunch of shirts for them to transfer the drawings on, or provide instructions of how their parents can iron them on when they get home!

Also, a DIY photobooth is a great way to keep everyone entertained. You can go fancy and build a mock wall, complete with frame and wallpaper, or just throw a sheet onto a clothesline and let er rip!


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