The Dudes Christmas List

Buying for your favorite guys can be a tad hard, considering they stand by their belief they are such simple creatures.
There are times when I have been so frustrated with what to get my too cool for school brother or laid back Beau that I have just wanted to buy them matching sweaters and they just have to deal with it.

First row, left to right: PopStache tops, $10; Bigelow After-Shave $10; 7-year Mustache pen $7.50; Bike patch kit tiny enough to fit in the pocket (or stocking) of any bike enthusiast.  The best three dollars you can stuff in a bike lover’s stocking!

Second row: For men who love to cook, this butcher block ($25) isn’t the first essential that comes to their mind, so it’s a thoughtful gift and extremely handy, as long as you get a sturdy one. Next, Alligator Jerky, $9. Nothing says cool dude like jerky. Nothing says oddly cooler dude than telling people it’s alligator.

Third row: Headlamp, $10. Good for hiking, biking, spelunking…and just reading in bed when your significant other is sleeping. Second, a subscription to Esquire, $8. This could be added to anyone’s list, really. But especially cool dudes enjoy a handy go-to guide with grilling recipes, political articles and a well-tailored suit all in one place.

Last row: Film poster, $18. He may be beyond tacking up a poster with tape, but no one is above a stylish piece of clever art. My favorite are the unsheets of course, and some of the most creative come from Mondo and etsy. Bustedtees gift card, $25. It’ll buy him a clean shirt, and you don’t have to fret about trying to find one he will actually wear. Hand warmers, $1-$30. Depending on if you buy disposable ones or a super nice stainless steel one, hand warmers are a blessing and also, with a little luck, a great non-pervert way to surprise a lady with a pocket surprise. Finally, an awesome little shave kit, $15.

Giant picture: Fallout: New Vegas, $60. If the dudes in your life have an xbox, they will want this game. Go through the stack next to the controllers and make sure he doesn’t have it yet. It is definitely worth the $$.

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