Random Thoughts of the Week

this picture isn’t really related to the topics in this post, but it was part of my week.

The Beau hates it, but I have a habit of leaving clothes (clean and dirty) on my bed ingrained in my brain. I try to remember to hang them up, but they pile up and pile up and he gives me laser dart looks when he sees it.

There are few things I remember from preschool, but three things I do: I fell in LOVE with tater tots (I had never had them at home); we all used to saw our graham crackers into little piles of dust; and, we used to play with pie plates under a willow tree in the play yard, where I got my first bee sting. Looking back I have to laugh at how poorhouse-esque it was to play house, army battle shields and make mud pies with those pie plates.

I watched Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind about 6 times over the course of last New Years Eve/Day/day after and I have no idea how prolonged the effects lasted./are lasting?

I love photography, but I wish there was a way to make it less expensive a hobby.

I’ve never been in a tanning bed, but I have always wanted to hang out in an enclosed area like that.

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